Email Guidelines

Pacific school email and group email addresses, particularly Dental_All but also including other group addresses for faculty, staff and students are intended to be used for communication about important school business to large groups of recipients. Please follow the guidelines listed below regarding the use of these addresses.

Proper Use of Dental_All
  • Use the Bcc field to include Dental All or other school groups to distribute emails to avoid an unnecessary “Reply All”. (Example this email)
  • Remember that Pacific group email addresses are to be used to communicate about school business or events to an entire group of people. If you are communicating about an issue that only applies to a subset of the people in a group, please find another way to communicate to those individuals.
  • Always use @ “” or “” email addresses to communicate with the Pacific community.
  • Never send confidential patient or student records protected under HIPPA and FERPA.
  • Pacific school email addresses are to be used to communicate about school business and events. If you want to communicate about issues or events not directly related to school business, please find another way to do so. For example, emails about sports, sales or social events that are not school sponsored, are not an appropriate use of school email addresses.
  • If you are uncertain about the use of the Pacific school email and group email address for a particular item, please ask us before sending the item.
Do NOT Use Reply All When
  • You are responding to a group email (Example:Dental_All). This is not to say that there is never a time when "Reply All" should be used -- it's just that this should occur very rarely.
  • Only the original sender needs to know your reply
  • Your comments are crucial only to the original sender and a few other recipients,
    • Use Reply in this case and add the select other recipients manually. You can copy their addresses from the original email, of course.
  • You have been a Bcc recipient in the original message
    • The Bcc field should only be used to distribute emails while keeping the recipients' addresses confidential.
    • Please note: If you reply to all as a Bcc recipient, you reveal yourself as a recipient.
  • Your response will have absolutely no effect on other users or will not add anything valuable to add to the conversation and is just “I'd love to attend”, “I agree”, “Good Job”, "Me too!", "Thanks" or "Ok." In those cases, please don't “Reply All”. Instead, please reply back to the sender or a subset of the users in that group.
  • Thanking someone. Thanking a person via a group mail is not appropriate. Do send personal emails expressing your gratitude instead or use the dental school's e-appreciation cards.