Billing Procedures

POMPL is not contracted with any insurance plans. We will bill your insurance as a courtesy. However, any unpaid balance remains your financial responsibility. The biopsy containers include a history sheet with an attached billing information sheet which you should tear off and give to your patient. This portion describes our service, how to send a payment and includes insurance information, if applicable, to be filled out.

In order to avoid billing problems or any misunderstandings, we would appreciate your cooperation in informing your patients of our separate fee for a single biopsy. When additional services are required (i.e. multiple biopsies, decalcification, special stains, and immunohistochemistry, additional fees will be applied.)

Our toll-free number for billing inquiries is 888.582.3397.

To best serve you and your patient, please take the time to completely fill out our history sheet. This enables us to give you a more definitive diagnosis. If radiographs or photos are pertinent and available, please enclose a copy if possible, or forward them under separate cover and they will be returned with the final report.


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