Shipping Instructions

Free Return Shipping Instructions
  1. Pack the biopsy bottles in the same manner as you receive them.
  2. Wrap the biopsy bottle in a portion of paper towel and place it inside the plastic ziplock bag.
  3. Place the completed patient history sheet along with the sealed ziplock bag containing the biopsy bottle into our regular mailing can (for FedEx) or padded envelope (for U.S. Postal Service).
U. S. Postal Service:

A business reply label is provided on the padded envelope for your convenience. Just drop in any mailbox.


If you've had trouble with losses through the mail we offer return shipping by FedEx at no cost to you. Our packaging has been quality tested by the FedEx testing lab and is certified with FedEx #9001119506.

Just follow these instructions exactly:

  1. Call your local FedEx office to obtain FedEx Diagnostic Specimen Envelopes. You may request as many as you like. They will be delivered to you the next day. If you have any questions, call 1.800.GO.FEDEX (1.800.463.3339)
  2. Pack the biopsy bottles in the mailing cans as previously described.
  3. Place the mailing can(s) inside the FedEx Diagnostic Specimen Envelope and seal it according to the instructions on the envelope. You do not need additional absorbent material or outer packaging i.e. boxes, etc. The envelope can hold up to 10 cans.
  4. Affix the FedEx Billable Stamp Receipt provided with this mailing onto the envelope. Additional billable stamp receipts will be sent with new biopsy containers or upon request.