Fire or Explosion

In the event of building fire and/or explosion:
  1. Remain calm.
  2. Check doors for heat before opening. If the door is hot, do NOT open it!
  3. Activate the nearest fire alarm pull station. Do not underestimate any fire.
  4. Warn the people in your area so they evacuate safely.
  5. Walk, do not push or crowd. If smoke is present, stay close to the ground as you evacuate the building.
  6. Use stairwells and stay to the right. Do NOT use elevators.
  7. Move away from the building. Look out for falling objects. Keep roadways and walkways clear. Move to your assembly point and assist people with disabilities to safety.
  8. Stand by and follow instructions of emergency personnel.
  9. Do not return to the building until notified that it is safe to do so by emergency personnel.

In the event this takes place off campus, contact the San Francisco Police Department at 9-1-1 and then notify Public Safety at x56411 or 415.929.6411.