Safety: How to Ensure Your Personal Security

Pedestrian Safety

Walk confidently, directly and at a steady pace.

Walk in well-lit areas, away from isolated alleys and shrubbery.

Take care using electronic devices in public; limit your distractions.

Always obey street lights and signs and make eye contact with drivers before crossing, especially at night.

If someone demands your belongings with force, surrender them, make note of the suspect’s description and direction they flee and call 911. Property can be replaced.

Public Transportation

Plan your route ahead of time at or

Have your fare or Clipper card ready; limit searching your wallet or bag when outside.

Stay awake and alert to your surroundings at all times.

Keep close control over your bag and other belongings.

Consider sitting as close as possible to the bus driver and be aware that “snatch and grab” incidents typically occur by an exit door when the vehicle approaches a stop.


Have your key ready when you approach your vehicle.

Park in well-lit areas, away from isolated alleys and shrubbery.

Leave nothing visible in parked car including electronics, accessories, bags, clothing, car chargers, etc.

Request your ride while indoors to avoid lingering outside too long with your phone out.

Always confirm the license plate and name of your driver before getting inside.

Consider sharing your trip information with someone you know,especially at night.