FOCIS: Future of the Clinic Information System

After more than a year of intense planning and development, University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry launched a new clinic information system called AxiUm. The new system integrates multiple functions and processes across a wide range of departments within the dental clinics, as well as the dental school as a whole.

The new system is part of a school initiative called the Future of the Clinic Information System (FOCIS) and was implemented by a dedicated team of faculty, staff and students. AxiUm is expected to improve and transform many aspects of how the dental school functions.

Some of the features include:

New tools and abilities for faculty:
  • Ability to provide daily written feedback about student performance and assess daily work
  • Collate feedback and grades
  • Create reports of student progress
  • Improve the educational experience for students
Secure electronic health records:
  • Hard tissue charting with drawing capability and automatic updates
  • Periodontal charting with all necessary diagnostic parameters
  • Secure, recoverable data storage
  • Pharmaceutical formulary created by department chairs
  • Legible treatment record entries with phrased drop-down boxes
Additional benefits for patients:
  • Charts, radiographs, models can be pulled up chairside
  • Better supervision of care
  • More consistent processes across clinics
Facilitation of research:
  • Improved collaboration among Pacific faculty and with other dental schools
  • Search a large patient health history database to identify trends
  • Search a large pharmaceutical formulary to identify trends
  • More data for clinic-related research
General process improvements:
  • Centralization of billing, insurance processing, collections, and cashiering
  • Closer monitoring of clinical products
  • More calibration and oversight among employees
  • Closer monitoring of processes by our internal auditor
Upgrades to hardware:
  • Twenty-two inch monitor mounted on a movable arm
  • Thin client terminals, with server stored securely in a locked cabinet
  • Flexible, fluid-resistant keyboard that can be disinfected
  • Fluid-resistant mouse that can be disinfected
  • Signature pad to sign off treatment record entries
  • Hard-wired for more consistent performance

For more information or assistance, please contact Information Technology.