Resources for Student Clubs and Organizations

The Office of Student Services handles all student clubs and organizations. If you have any questions and/or need help, please contact Janelle Palomares, Student Affairs Coordinator, at / 415.929.6462 / Workstation 4B-02.

Student Organization Handbook

All students participating in any student club and organization must comply with the Student Organization Handbook. All policies regarding student activities, travel, finances, and more are in the handbook. Policies are subject to change. Last revision in September 2019.

Student Activity

All student activities require an approval from the Office of Student Services. Activities include, but not limited to, lunch and learns, presentations, workshops, seminars, meetings, events and tabling (e.g. fundraising, sales, donations). Please submit your request at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled activity.

Student Activities Calendar

For up-to-date student activities, refer to the Student Activities Google Calendar. Please note the activities on the calendar have been approved and/or published on the Dugoni events calendar. If you have an update and/or addition, please contact Janelle Palomares.

Student Travel

Any student traveling outside of school for a conference and/or meeting is required to submit a student travel request form. The student must be in good academic and disciplinary standing. Before making travel arrangements, the travel request must be approved and the form must be signed by the Office of Student Services, the Office of Academic Affairs and the Dean. If you make travel arrangements before receiving an approval and your travel request is denied, you will not receive reimbursement for your travel expenses.

Club/Organization Registration

Every student club and organization must register every year in order to be active and official. All student officers must be in good academic standing. Registration is due very year on September 1.

Constitution/Charter Bylaw

All student clubs and organizations must have a constitution/charter bylaw. If you would like to view and/or modify your student club or organization constitution/charter bylaw, please contact Janelle Palomares.

New Club and/or Organization

If you want to create a new student club/organization, please complete a constitution/charter bylaw form and registration form. If you have any questions, contact Janelle Palomares.

ASB Budget Proposal

All student clubs and organizations have the opportunity to request for funds, but the funds are limited. Organized Dentistry (ADEA, ASDA and CDA) have priority for the student leaders to travel to conferences/meetings on behalf of Dugoni. ASB encourages all clubs and organizations to raise their own funds (e.g. fundraise, collect dues, etc.). The proposed budget should be used in addition to the funds that has been collected, it should not be the club's/organization's primary budget. The proposal is not a gurantee you will receive funds. The ASB Cabinet, Associate Dean of Student Services and desginee will review the proposal on a case by case basis.