Student Leadership

Leadership is a big part of the culture at the Dugoni School. Our students have earned national recognition for leadership in dental education and the profession, and the school is considered a hot bed for developing student leaders who are well versed in local, state and national issues. During the past five years, our students have been elected or appointed to some of the highest profile student leadership positions in the nation.

Leadership of this caliber doesn't happen by accident. Leadership development is so important to us, that we have included it as one of the dental school's core values. We offer many opportunities for our students to gain experience, assume leadership roles and grow. Student leadership has flourished at the Dugoni School thanks to our strong and effective student government, wide variety of mentoring and leadership opportunities and the constant encouragement from administrators and faculty to become involved.

One the most important concepts we embrace is that leaders are not born, they are made. That is, leadership is not an inherited ability but rather a set of skills that can be taught, acquired and nurtured. Leadership talent exists in most people and only needs to be exposed and developed.

In the words of Dean Emeritus Dr. Arthur A. Dugoni: "At Pacific, we grow people and along the way they become doctors."

2018-2019 Associated Student Body Leadership

Associated Student Body Cabinet

President: Marilyn Nguyen, DDS 2019
Vice President: Cathy Han, DDS 2019
Treasurer: Grace Wu, DDS 2019
Nazlie Taheri, DDS 2020
Rep at Large: Gabrielle Wainwright, DDS 2020

DDS 2019 Class Officers

President: Trisha Vo
Vice President: Michelle Fat
Clinic Ambassador: Conor Maguire
Ethics Rep: Jackson Partin
Historian: Alan Williams
Webmaster: Brandon Rebottaro
ADEA Rep: Hannah Fox
ASDA Rep: Renz Antonio
CDA Rep: Jasmine Flake

IDS 2019 Class Officers

President: Zeeshan Khan
Vice President: Swetha Kanukula
Clinic Ambassador: Kero Zaklama
Ethics Rep: Sanya Okumu
ADEA Rep: Mahek Pipalia
ASDA Rep: Hasnain Abbas
CDA Rep: Sayali Bhavsar

DH 2019 Class Officers

President: Brianna Prince
Vice President/SCOPE Rep: Shabnam Akbari
Secretary: Stefani Frumusa
Treasurer: Natty Nonnapaporn
Historian/Publicity: Megan Gelico
Corporate Relations: Ariel Lee
ADEA/CDHEA Rep: Sabrina Vazquez
CDHA/SF Rep: Caitlin Trusas
Alumni Rep: Emily Yang

DDS 2020 Class Officers

President: Phil Miller
Vice President: Sara Greene
Clinic Ambassador: Eric Le
Ethics Rep: Aaron Schubel
Co-Historians: Mandy Chen, Michael Louie
Webmaster: David Zhang
ADEA Rep, President: Marwa Elkharsity
ASDA Rep, President: Letitia Edwards
CDA Rep, President: Stephanie Martini
SCOPE Co-Presidents: Ellie Schwartz, Beniel Tamraz

IDS 2020 Class Officers

President: George Saleeb
Vice President: Moodie Loul
Clinic Ambassador: Mazin Albayati
Ethics Rep: Sara Ahmad
ADEA Rep: Patrick Pansoy
ASDA Rep: Razan Nour
CDA Rep: Chintan Patel

DH 2020 Class Officers

President/Alumni Rep: Stephanie Tu
Vice President: Lionel Gowans
Secretary: Simarjit Dhami
Treasurer: Kayla Dinh
Historian: Amy Lee
Social Co-Chairs: Jagseerat Kaur, Penelope Zheng
Corporate Relations: Ajah Piper
ADEA/CDHEA Rep: Stephanie Suen
CDHA/SFDHS Rep: Leah Munyiri
SCOPE/Student Organizations: Jacqueline Palma

DDS 2021 Class Officers

President: Natalie Delgado
Vice President: Anthoula Vlachos
Ethics Rep: Audrey Min
Historian: TBD
Webmaster: Mali McGuire
ADEA Rep: Brandon Zegarowski
CDA Rep: Lindsay Treppa