Course Planning

General Resources

These resources were developed in-house at the Dugoni dental school to help faculty with course planning and design.

  • Course director 101 (video): This 5-minute animated video provides a brief overview of the course planning process. While the video will be most helpful for new course directors, more experienced course directors can also use it as a refresher.
  • Introducing your course to students on Day 1 (video): Check out this video to see how our own Dr. Gitta Radjaeipour introduced her preclinical course to new D1 students on the first day of class. Dr. Radjaeipour's course introduction was clear, transparent, and tied nicely to comprehensive patient care.
  • Canvas template: The template specifies the minimum tools that need to be activated on a Canvas site.  It was approved by the dental school's Curriculum Committee. 
  • Syllabus template (upated 03/2020): The updated template specifies the major sections and information that should be included in a course syallbus, including information for online learning. It was approved by the dental school's Curriculum Committee in March 2020.
  • Canvas site and syllabus review rubric (Word): This rubric is for department chair or vice chair use in reviewing Canvas sites and syllabi. All Canvas sites and syllabi need to be reviewed and approved by the department chair before publishing.
  • Lesson plan worksheet (Word): This worksheet was originally developed for the Fundamentals of Teaching and Learning program (formerly the Course Director Orientation; see here for slides). You can use it as a guide when designing lesson plans. 
Learning Objectives
Alignment in Teaching
Backward Design Model
Slide Design
Copyright and Fair Use
  • Copyright basics: A guide on copyright and fair use for Pacific faculty developed by Pacific librarians.
  • Creative Commons: Creative Commons is a non-profit organization which has developed and provided a set of public copyright licenses for authors to use when sharing their work with others.
Other planning resources