Dental Camp Inspires Young Students to Pursue Health Professions

March 14, 2017

dental camp

A student volunteer instructs a participant on how to use dental instruments.

dental camp participants

Middle and high school students work in the simulation clinic.

dental camp

A hygiene volunteer shows participants how to check for thyroid cancer.

dental camp volunteers

Thank you to the student, faculty and staff volunteers!

On Saturday, March 11 the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry hosted Dental Camp, a free event geared toward middle and high school students interested in learning about careers in dentistry. More than 50 students attended the program to participate in hands-on activities and learn more about what careers in dentistry and dental hygiene entail.

Participants had the chance to work in Dugoni School's simulation clinic where they created molds of their teeth and practiced techniques using real dental instruments. They also learned about the day-to-day routines of dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and dental laboratory technicians. Participants were able to interact with volunteer dental students, faculty and staff, who were on hand to help guide activities and share information about what life is like at dental school.

One participant shared enthusiasm for the event saying "This entire experience was worthwhile! Just being dipped in the large ocean of what dentistry is made me even more curious and my desire to be a dentist grew exponentially as the day went on. Seeing different procedures and getting to experience them was pretty cool!"

Another participant commented "The activities today were very worthwhile! It taught us a lot of information about the profession as well as dental care in general. It was also very beneficial to meet such a diverse group of students and be able to ask them questions."

The Dugoni School holds Dental Camp each year to encourage health sciences education among students from a wide variety of backgrounds, including underrepresented minorities. Students and chaperones came from throughout the wider San Francisco Bay Area, including from schools in Berkeley, Alameda, Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco, Los Altos and Pacific Grove.


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