Partnership with Panoramic Residences

University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry has partnered with Panoramic Residences to provide student housing to our students. The dental school occupies the 7th and 8th floor making 80 beds available in the high-rise residence. The Panoramic Residences are located at the heart of the South of Market district at 9th and Mission Streets, approximately four blocks away from the dental school and close to nearby transit options.

Incoming or continuing students may contact Darlene Tam at to learn more or request an application. For photos and virtual tour of the vicinity, please go to Panoramic Residences website.


Housing in the San Francisco Bay Area

Locating an apartment in San Francisco can be challenging. The Dugoni School of Dentistry's Office of Student Services is here to help you find a safe, comfortable place to spend the next three years. In order to assist you in your search for accommodations, we have compiled various information on housing in San Francisco, as well as tips on how and when to begin your search. 

Disclaimer: We do not endorse any of the information or links posted on our housing pages. We cannot be held responsible for any services or agreements you may enter through the information listed on this site. The information provided is solely for your convenience.

Before your search

Prior to searching for a place to live, you may want to consider the following factors.

  • Safety: Will you feel safe enough walking around the neighborhood at night?
  • Parking and Transportation: Is street parking easily accessible or nearby garage available? If taking public transportation, how far will you need to walk?
  • Food and Restaurants: Are there nearby grocery stores and restaurants?
  • Recommended areas and nearby cities: Where are our students living?


It is a good idea to learn and prepare yourself when you find a desired location(s).

  • Rental Terminology: What types of housing are there?
  • Renter's Resume: Have a resume ready to help the landlord with all the necessary information and maximize your chances. Add a photo to help the landlords remember you while making a decision. Sample renter's resume (PDF)
  • Credit Report: Have a credit report available and make copies when viewing properties.
  • Rent: Consider Dugoni Living Expense Budget (PDF) when looking for housing.
  • Shared Housing: We recommend finding a roommate(s) to keep costs down. A Facebook group, SF Campus — Housing & Roommate Search, has been created for our students to communicate with one another to find a potential roommate(s). Please request to be added to the group and an administrator will approve it.
  • Rental Scams: Beware of rental scams for housing. For tips to avoid these scams, please visit the Federal Trade Commission — Rental Listing Scams.

Housing Search

San Francisco's housing search can be competitive. Here are some to tips to follow when you are ready to view properties:

  • Due to the rental market in San Francisco, landlords usually require immediate occupancy. Start looking early and give yourself 3-6 weeks to find housing.
  • Rental Listing Services: Browse online listing services (we've listed some on this page) to find the most up-to-date listings. For a fee, you can contact property management to search for housing to fit your needs.
  • Look for "Vacancy" or "For Rent" signs in windows and in front of apartments in the area. Many owners advertise onsite so be sure to bring your cell phone.
  • Apartment Facilities: Elsewhere on this page, we have listed the apartment facilities where our students are currently living. They are located in San Francisco and nearby cities.
  • Ask questions when speaking to a landlord over the phone or at an open house. For important questions to ask a landlord, please visit Top Questions to Ask When Looking to Rent an Apartment.
  • When viewing a property, bring a renter's resume and a copy of your credit report. Having both available will make life easier for the landlord.
  • Bring your checkbook. If you like what you see, it will help to be the first to offer the landlord a holding deposit, as most landlords are not inclined to "hold" rentals to tenants. Be prepared to pay "one month" rent as a holding deposit.

Note: We do not endorse any of the information or links posted on this page. We cannot be held responsible for any services or agreements you may enter through the information listed on this site. The information provided is solely for your convenience.

Our Student Services Office has compiled a list of the popular apartment buildings where most of our current students live. Many apartment buildings have long waiting lists. Don't be discouraged. If they will take your name, give it to them. Being number 100 on a list doesn't necessarily mean that there are actually 100 people ahead of you. Many people have already found a place to live, moved out of the area, or are no longer interested in the apartment. We are also located close to BART's Powell Street Station. Learn more about apartments located within a 15-minute walk of a Bart station by going to Rent Near BART.

San Francisco City Limits

Panoramic Residences
1321 Mission Street
San Francisco
For more information, contact Darlene Tam (

Mosso Apartments
900 Folsom Street
San Francisco

SOMA at 788
788 Harrison Street
San Francisco

SOMA Residences
1045 Mission Street
San Francisco

SOMA Square Apartments
1 St. Francis Place
San Francisco

1190 Mission at Trinity Place
1190 Mission Street
San Francisco

Presidio Trust
558 Presidio Blvd.
San Francisco

East Bay

Artistry Emeryville Apartments
6401 Shellmound Street

Berkeley Apartments - Fine Arts
2110 Haste Street

Avenue 64 Apartment Homes 
6399 Christie Avenue

Emme Apartment Homes                         
6350 Christie Avenue

Daly City/Colma/South San Francisco

South City Station Apartments
101 McLellan Drive South
San Francisco

88 Hillside Apartments
6543 Mission Blvd.
Daly City

Serramonte Ridge Apartments
862 Campus Drive
Daly City

La Terrazza Apartments
7800 El Camino Real

Disclaimer: University of the Pacific provides information regarding housing in the San Francisco area for your convenience only. The university makes no representation as to the condition or suitability of any of the listed resources or establishments, nor does it assume responsibility for their condition or reliability, or for any agreements you enter into with them.

There are several rental agencies and online listing services. The online services will allow users to browse the most up-to-date housing listings without having to be in the Bay Area. You will be able to search neighborhoods to find accommodations to meet your personal price range and preferences. Most rental agencies will charge a fee for their services. Many landlords use such agencies. Property management companies either own rental property or manage property for owners. They usually do not charge a fee.

Online Listing Services

Extended Stay Housing

Columbus Residence


Rental/Service Agencies

American Marketing Systems Inc. (AMSI)

She Moves You Rental Concierge

Property Managers

Trinity Management Services

Azari Property Management

Chandler Properties

West Coast Property Management

Disclaimer: We do not endorse any of the information or links posted on our housing pages. We cannot be held responsible for any services or agreements you may enter through the information listed on this site. The information provided is solely for your convenience.

Before Moving In

  • Inspection: It is important to do an inspection of the apartment with your landlord. The Apartment Inspection Checklist (PDF) will guide you in this process.
  • Utilities: Ask your landlord if you need to arrange for any utility installation or name changes on the utility accounts. To contact service and utility providers, refer to the list below under Internet Service Providers and Public Utilities.
  • Tenant Rights: Know your rights as a tenant. Use the California Tenant Guide as your reference.

Moving and Storage Services

Furniture Rental

Internet Service Providers

Public Utilities

Parking and Transportation

Note: We do not endorse any of the information or links posted on this page. We cannot be held responsible for any services or agreements you may enter through the information listed on this site. The information provided is solely for your convenience.

It may be in your best interest to have a credit report available to present to a perspective landlord. Once you receive your credit report, make sure that all of the information is correct. By federal law, you are entitled to one free credit report from each of three major credit bureaus each year. For more information on free credit reports, go to Federal Trade Commission - Free Credit Reports or Annual Credit Report.

Below is a list of credit agencies that are readily available to fit your needs.


Equifax Options

Trans Union

Before you begin your search for housing, you may want to familiarize yourself with some of the terminology and abbreviations used by landlords when posting an apartment for rent.

Flat: An entire floor in a building with its own entrance

Jr. One-Bedroom Apartment: Studio apartment with a sleeping alcove

Studio Apartment: A three-room unit consisting of a combined living room and bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom

Garden or In-law Apartment: A small one-bedroom unit, usually located at or below the ground floor of a small apartment building or single-family home

Efficiency, EF or EFFNCY: Smaller than a studio; kitchen is very small or part of the combined living area

Personal Descriptors: In shared situations, a roommate may include a self-description including a combination of the following letters: A=Asian; B=black; Bi=bisexual; F=female; G=gay; J=Jewish; L=latino/latina; M=male; P=professional; W=white

LFT: Loft; an apartment in a converted warehouse or factory; usually one large room

Sublet: A unit rented by a tenant to another party; the agreement is made with the lease holder rather than the actual landlord

F/LMR: First and last month's rent

DD or DAM DEP: Damage deposit

SEC: Security deposit

AEK: All-electric kitchen

San Francisco's greater Bay Area contains a variety of different towns and neighborhoods. The Dugoni School's campus is located in the South of Market (SOMA) district. Listed below are descriptions of the most desired/recommended neighborhoods from our dental students.

City of San Francisco

South of Market

Home to the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry's new campus, the SoMa (South of Market) district is a thriving up-and-coming area of the city. Located in the heart of San Francisco's premier shopping and entertainment area, you are within walking distance to theaters, museums, fine art galleries, and world-renowned restaurants. Thanks in part to the many tech companies that call San Francisco home, this area caters to the young professional looking for a fun and vibrant district to call home. Public transportation options are plentiful as Muni, BART and Caltrain all have stops in this neighborhood, making it another good area to live without a car.

Hayes Valley

This region of the city feels like a neighborhood — with access to parks, small corner stores and coffee shops, it is cozy and accessible at the same time. When seeking a home you're apt to find beautiful, intricate Victorians, likely cut into apartments or left as huge 4-8 bedroom monstrosities. Convenient access to transportation nearby.

South Beach

Round the bend of the Embarcadero, and head towards AT&T Park, you'll find an array of new, modern and urban high-rises and apartments. It is one of the few places in the city that you will find new luxury units. Only steps away from the Embarcadero where you will find people sunbathing on the grassy areas, runners, bikers and restaurants. There's easy access to transportation, and the area becomes great fun when amassed with a sea of World Series-winning San Francisco Giants fans. If you have the money to spend you'll find this area is quite central to getting around San Francisco, is generally pretty safe, has great views and a very up-and-coming feel.

North Beach / Nob Hill / Russian Hill

If you can get over the hills, you'll enjoy incredibly walkability to the Financial District, Chinatown, Union Square, Polk Street, Union Street and Fisherman's Wharf. Homes and apartments will surely be nice, but some of the most expensive in the city. If you want a little privacy, don't move near Russian Hill's most popular attraction, Lombard St. A.K.A "The crookedest street in the world".  You'll find tourists (and some locals) driving down this road almost 24 hours a day. The 1 California bus is a quick way to get downtown or to the Richmond from these areas — people who live near to and use this line love the convenience.


The Presidio of San Francisco offers a spectrum of housing options in twenty-one distinct and beautiful neighborhoods. Units range in size from one to seven bedrooms. Many Presidio homes are contributing features to the Presidio's National Historic Landmark designation. More than half of the park is open space, including such significant features as Baker Beach, the historic Presidio Forest, Mountain Lake, El Polin Spring and Los Lobos Creek. Crissy Field is nearby as well. With housing units available throughout the park, the Presidio is a great place to live.

The Richmond

Framed by the Pacific Ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge, the Richmond District is within driving distance to almost any corner of the city. Rents in this middle-class district vary from affordable apartments and in-laws to flats at top dollar. There is easy transportation nearby, and Golden Gate Park beckons to the south. A variety of shops and restaurants featuring cuisines from all over the world reflect the Richmond's and San Francisco's ethnic diversity.

The Sunset

South of Golden Gate Park is the Sunset district. The Inner Sunset, which is near Golden Gate Park's museums, botanical garden and Japanese Tea Garden, is a popular destination, while the quieter Outer Sunset is more affordable. The area is served by the N Judah streetcar as well as multiple bus lines.  

Cole Valley / Buena Vista

Just a few blocks from the Haight Street scene is this charming neighborhood of renovated Victorians and small shops. Residents value their homes and gardens, and the area retains a quaint, small-town feel. Bakeries, markets, bars, and small gourmet restaurants add to a mix that makes this neighborhood a resident's dream. The "walk around" approach may be the best way to locate available rentals.

East Bay Neighborhoods


Set along the waterfront, Emeryville is located at the foot of the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Emeryville's real estate and housing choices are as diverse as its population. Whether it's a modern townhouse complex, a waterfront high-rise condominium, a live/work artist's loft, or a quaint Victorian style home, Emeryville has something to offer any lifestyle. Emeryville is easily accessible from highways I-80 and I-580 and just a short hop over the Bay Bridge from San Francisco. This little city also offers free local transportation via a shuttle system — the Emery-Go-Round — that services all of the commercial areas as well as the nearby MacArthur BART station in Oakland.


This community-oriented city boasts manicured homes, friendly neighbors, grassy parks and playgrounds, a charming main street, a host of services, family-friendly programs and excellent schools. Situated between North Berkeley, El Cerrito and Richmond, Albany is close to major freeways as well as BART and other public transportation. Oakland is about 15 minutes away and San Francisco can be as close as 20 minutes in light traffic.

South Berkeley / Lorin

South Berkeley, sometimes referred to as the Lorin District, remains one of Berkeley's most accessible and affordable neighborhoods. An expressive community, South Berkeley has many creative outlets, including the inspired art galleries of the Ashby Arts District. The Ashby BART station makes getting around the Bay Area a breeze.


Temescal began as its own little village, eventually choosing to incorporate with Oakland and is now one of the city's oldest neighborhoods. With its active local business and friendly atmosphere, this is one area not to be overlooked. An annual street fair displays Temescal's cultural variety and gives those new to the area a chance to meet neighborhood merchants and business owners. Conveniently located to the nearby MacArthur BART station, the neighborhood is known for its easy access to San Francisco.

Rockridge (lower)

Rockridge is what many consider the ideal Oakland neighborhood. This neighborhood has an exemplary public transportation system combined with a very pedestrian-friendly layout, making commuting easy and local exploration fun and relaxing. BART and bus lines vein through the community and several freeways feed you to the Caldecott Tunnel, Bay Bridge, East I-580 and South I-880.


The tiny town of Piedmont is one of the wealthiest and prettiest cities in California. Named by Forbes Magazine in 2007 as the "Best Place to Live" in the United States, the desirability of this area has not gone ignored. The 11,000 residents enjoy the best of both worlds: small-town independence and the convenient access to all the big city amenities of San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, and upscale Walnut Creek just a short 20 minutes away.

Peninsula Neighborhoods

Daly City

Daly City is located at the northernmost edge of San Mateo County adjacent to San Francisco. One of Daly City's greatest assets is its affordably priced and conveniently located quality housing. Many homes have spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. Approximately eight miles south of downtown San Francisco, Daly City is easily accessible by freeway or BART and is also served by the San Mateo and San Francisco transit systems.

South San Francisco's Rancho Buri Buri

Rancho Buri Buri is situated between the major roads of El Camino Real, Westborough Blvd. and Junipero Serra Blvd. Public transportation is a plus, since the neighborhood has several dispersed SamTrans bus stops, as well as a BART station right across El Camino, within a 10-minute walk for most of the neighborhood and A 20-minute drive to downtown San Francisco. Rancho Buri Buri is known as a very clean, safe area great for families.


Colma is where lots of students live while attending nearby colleges. Because of the high percentage of people living in Colma are enrolled in college, Colma has a number of services, amenities and opportunities geared towards the needs and activities of students. Easy, convenient access to BART & MUNI.

San Bruno

San Bruno, is located on the San Francisco Peninsula 12 miles south of San Francisco. Public transportation is the best means of getting around to other areas of the city. San Bruno is a great choice for families with children. Housing facilities are primarily made up of small (studio to two bedroom) to medium sized (three or four bedroom) apartment complexes/high-rise apartments and small apartment buildings.


Millbrae is a very nautical neighborhood, meaning that it is somewhat historic, walkable, densely populated and on the water. Housing in Millbrae is primarily made up of small (studio to two bedroom) to medium sized (three or four bedroom) apartment complexes/high-rise apartments and single-family homes. With a nice mix of college students, safety from crime, and decent walkability, the Magnolia Ave / Taylor Blvd neighborhood rates highly as a college student-friendly place to live. However,the average driving commute to downtown San Francisco could be anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes. A short drive to BART's Millbrae station is a convenient way to commute to downtown San Francisco.

For additional information about other neighborhoods or nearby cities, please click on the following link: Neighborhood Scout.