Class Gift Campaign

2018 class gift committee

From left to right: Blake Swimmer, Trent Ichiuji, Nikita Kazak, Kristoff Samm, Kevin Kai, Dean Emeritus Art Dugoni ’48, Rami Borno, Tiffany Wade, Dean Nader Nadershahi ’94, Jason Lim, Craig Yarborough ’80, Natalie Okuhara, Katherine Diep, Gianina Correa Nixon (IDS), Avni Bhula (IDS), Aaron Sulaeman (not pictured)

The graduating class gift began ten years ago as a way of saying "Thank you, Dugoni School" and celebrating a great education, our humanistic values, and the rite of passage that is graduation. The Class Gift Campaign is also a way for graduating students to continue to participate in the Dugoni School's future.  Each class is encouraged to make their own mark.

The 2018 Class Gift Campaign Committee:  Avni Bhula, Rami Borno, Katherine Diep, Trent Ichiuji, Kevin Kai, Nikita Kazak, Jason Lim, Gianina Correa Nixon, Natalie Okuhara, Kristoff Samm, Aaron Sulaeman, Blake Swimmer, Tiffany Wade


Determined to support and enhance experiential learning in the clinic setting, the Class Gift Campaign Committee is creating the Class of 2018 Endowment for Clinical Excellence, eligible to receive a 1:1 Powell match as an academic program endowment.  In five years or when the 2018  Endowment reaches $50,000, whichever is sooner, it will generate an annual distribution to be applied by the Clinic Representatives Committee to ensure that Dugoni School students receive superior clinical education.

How to Donate
  • Anyone can give to the 2018 Class Gift Campaign — graduating DDS, IDS, Hygiene students, faculty, staff, family friends
  • In person to a committee member (listed above)
  • At the Graduation Fair Thursday, May 3, 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm, in Dorfman Hall, visit the 2018 Class Gift Campaign table
  • Online at, with a comment “for the 2018 Class Gift”
  • By phone or in person — call Anita Ayers, annual fund manager at 415.929.6402 or stop by Anita’s desk at 4H39 on the 4th floor
Class Gift Recent History
Year Raised Participation
2008 $13,032 98.0%
2009 $30,000 95.0%
2010 $40,000 76.0%
2011 $30,000 98.7%
2012 $25,000 97.5%
2013 $30,000 100%
2014 $60,318 86.7%
2015 $53,901 70%
2016 $72,000 92%
2017 $45,618 47%
2018 ? ?

Donate by Friday, May 4, 2018 to attend the El Cuarto de Mayo party — a celebration of your leadership in philanthropy. All 2018 Graduating Class Campaign donors are invited, regardless of level, and pledges and gifts will be accepted at the party, in the Molinari Great Hall on Friday May 4, 2018 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.  Food, music, and thrilling raffles prizes will be had.

On Friday, June 15, the 2018 Graduating Class Campaign Committee will present the gift “check” to the Dean at the Alumni/Graduates Banquet, the annual formal dinner/awards/dance event hosted by the Alumni Association and the Office of Development.

Thank you to the 2018 Class Gift Campaign Committee for your dedication to your class and to the Dugoni School.