Tuition and Fees — (IDS 2021 - July 2019 Starting Class)

The above figures are estimates and subject to change. There is an approximate 2.5% annual tuition increase. 

* The student doctoral kit includes electronic textbooks, instruments, and supplies that are required by the school according to guidelines submitted by the Store Committee. These materials are issued in a kit on matriculation day to all registered students. Instruments and supplies should not be purchased in advance. Release from kit purchases will not be granted. Allowance should be made for additional supplies and instruments that will be required during the educational program.

Note: A full refund is provided on non-kit items returned within five school-days of the date of purchase and within university policy.


The list of fees and expenses above should not be considered complete for all students.

Technology Fee

This covers the school recommended technology services and requisite software.

Estimated Tuition

Upon notification of acceptance into the program, applicants are required to submit a non-refundable $1,000 enrollment fee as directed in the acceptance letter. The fee will be applied to the first quarter costs upon matriculation to the dental school. Financial aid will not cover the estimated doctoral kit deposit nor the estimated $1,000 enrollment fee. First quarter costs are due and payable 60 days before the day of matriculation. Subsequent tuition cost is due by the first day of each quarter and is a prerequisite for registration and continued enrollment.

Living Expenses

Living expenses are calculated on the basis of a single student living near the school. This includes rent (with roommate), utilities, transportation and food. Students in the IDS program should plan on living in the nearby area, which is a highly desirable area of San Francisco. There is adequate housing in San Francisco, and the public transportation system is one of the best in the country. Since the IDS program is an accelerated program, it is recommended that students live within the city limits to keep traveling time at a minimum. Parking, as in many metropolitan areas, is extremely limited; unless necessary, students should have other means of transportation.

Health Insurance

All members of the Pacific student body are required to maintain health insurance for the duration of their attendance at the dental school. All students must adhere to immunization requirements.