Rental Terminology

Before you begin your search for housing, you may want to familiarize yourself with some of the terminology and abbreviations used by landlords when posting an apartment for rent.

Flat: An entire floor in a building with its own entrance

Jr. One-Bedroom Apartment: Studio apartment with a sleeping alcove

Studio Apartment: A three-room unit consisting of a combined living room and bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom

Garden or In-law Apartment: A small one-bedroom unit, usually located at or below the ground floor of a small apartment building or single-family home

Efficiency, EF or EFFNCY: Smaller than a studio; kitchen is very small or part of the combined living area

Personal Descriptors: In shared situations, a roommate may include a self-description including a combination of the following letters: A=Asian; B=black; Bi=bisexual; F=female; G=gay; J=Jewish; L=latino/latina; M=male; P=professional; W=white

LFT: Loft; an apartment in a converted warehouse or factory; usually one large room

Sublet: A unit rented by a tenant to another party; the agreement is made with the lease holder rather than the actual landlord

F/LMR: First and last month's rent

DD or DAM DEP: Damage deposit

SEC: Security deposit

AEK: All-electric kitchen